The initial 30 minute meeting is complementary. After that meeting, if we're a good match for your needs, the hourly rate for organizing is $75/hour.  All projects over 10 hours decrease to $68/hour after the first 10 hours.  Reduced rates available for jobs projected to be over 25 hours.

If you'd like me to purchase materials specific to your project, my rate for this is $45/hour and clients reimburse for items at the rate purchased (e.g. I do not mark-up items and re-sell to you, you simply reimburse for whatever actual charges were).

These are ranges, but here’s what you can expect for some of the most common projects:

Closet - 4 to 12 hours

Kitchen Pantry - 4 to 8 hours

Office - 10 to 14 hours

Kid's Room - 8 to 12 hours

I also offer "consultation+" visits.  What's that?  If a full-on organizing service isn't in your budget, I will come over for a 2 hour session to give you tips, pointers, and structure, so that that can start to tackle the project on your own.